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Out of all professions, Engineering allows players to make the widest range of items. From ammo like Hi-Impact Mithril Slugs to PvP-ready weapons like the Big Iron Bomb or the Thorium Grenade, Engineers can craft useful, tradeable, and profitable solutions to almost any situation. By learning new recipes from Schematics, like Schematic: Biznicks 247×128 Accurascope, Engineers can also create some of the most powerful weapon enhancements in WoW Classic. These buffs mean that Engineering is especially useful for Ranged DPS (like Hunters), but because of its applications for PvP, Engineering can also be picked up by any class.

To collect the necessary materials, Engineering is usually paired with Mining as a gathering profession. If players choose not to, all materials can still be purchased through the Auction House.

Engineering follows the standard Apprentice (1-75), Journeyman (75 – 150), Expert (150 – 225), Artisan (225 – 300) progression, but like Blacksmithing, Engineering offers players a choice between two specializations starting at skill level 200. Players can become a Gnomish Engineer or a Goblin Engineer through unique quest chains, which you can begin at level 40. It is also possible to complete leveling to 300 without choosing a specialization.

All capitals should offer both factions the opportunity to train Apprentice Engineering. For the fastest process, Alliance players should train with Springspindle Fizzlegear in Ironforge and Horde should seek out Roxxik in Orgrimmar. Both can take players up to Expert Engineering, after which they must head to Gadgetzan in Tanaris to find Buzzek Bracketswing.

If players choose to specialize in Goblin Engineering, they must take the Goblin Engineering quest from a trainer and find Nixx Sprocketspring in Gadgetzan. For Gnomish, Alliance players must take Gnome Engineering, and then complete the chain of quests from Tinkmaster Overspark. Horde players must take their version of Gnome Engineering and meet Oglethorpe Obnoticus in Booty Bay to do the same.

If you’re leveling without specializing:

If you’re choosing to specialize in Gnomish Engineering or Goblin Engineering, the materials and processes are in their own sections below.

To start off, learn Apprentice Engineering from a trainer in any major city. While Engineers don’t need anything other than materials to start, players will paying a visit to Engineering Supplies vendors during this section. For Horde players, that would be Sovik in Orgrimmar and for Alliance in Ironforge, Gearcutter Cogspinner.

1 – 40: Rough Blasting Powder

Because Engineering uses so many of its own products as materials for later items, you’ll want to hold onto everything you craft! They’ll come in handy later.

40 – 50: Handful of Copper Bolts

50 – 51: Arclight Spanner

You’ve made your first tool! With this, you can begin to create more serious items. You can also train up to Journeyman Engineering beginning at skill level 50.

51 – 65: Copper Tube

Before the next step, players will need to visit their supply vendor (Gearcutter Cogspinner or Sovik) if they have not already.

65 – 75: Rough Boomstick

The Boomstick is your first weapon! You can begin using what you’ve made, or you can list them on the AH for a bit of spare cash.

By crafting your first tool and your first weapon, you’ve taken your most important steps. To keep leveling, learn Journeyman Engineering. In this stage, you’ll begin crafting useful items for PvP. You’ll also continue using the materials you create, so make sure you leave them in your bag!

75 – 95: Coarse Blasting Powder

95 – 105: Silver Contact

Players will need to pick up Weak Flux from a Supplies vendor before the next step.

105 – 120: Bronze Tube

120 – 125: Small Bronze Bomb

This is the first item you can use in PvP! The short stun is great to interrupt spells. At 125, you can also train in Expert Engineering.

125 – 145: Heavy Blasting Powder

145 – 150: Big Bronze Bomb

These bombs are even better than the last. They’re still useful for PvP or can be used while leveling. Before leveling further, players will need to purchase their first schematic: Schematic: Red Firework (sold by Sovik) or Schematic: Blue Firework (sold by Gearcutter Cogspinner). Either faction can also purchase Schematic: Green Firework from Crazk Sparks in Booty Bay or Gagsprocket in Ratchet.

Your journey is going well! By holding onto the materials you already made, you’ve been able to save time and work efficiently. From here, you’ll start to need more outside leather and cloth, so it may be necessary to check the Auction House. You can also begin to specialize starting at skill level 200. How to become a Goblin Engineer or a Gnomish Engineer are explained separately below.

150 – 175: Blue Firework, Green Firework, or Red Firework

All three types use the same materials, so the choice is yours!

175 – 176: Gyromatic Micro-Adjustor

Just like your Spanner, this tool is necessary to start crafting higher level recipes.

176 – 190: Solid Blasting Powder

190 – 195: Big Iron Bomb

While these are useful for PvP, players wanting to become a Goblin Engineer should hold onto them.

195 – 205: Mithril Tube

Players choosing to become a Gnomish Engineer will want to keep these for their quest line.

205 – 210: Unstable Trigger

210 – 225: Hi-Impact Mithril Slugs

These slugs are incredibly handy for gun users who are leveling. Selling them on the Auction House should be simple. Afterwards, both factions will need to to to Gadgetzan in Tanaris and find Buzzek Bracketswing to train up to Artisan Engineering.

You’ve made it to the last stage of Engineering. Congratulations! At this level, you’ll be crafting even stronger weapons, ammunition, and the reagents for endgame inventions. If you’ve stuck with your Mining, it will really come in handy now. Otherwise, the amount of Mithril required to cap might be expensive if you purchase it from the AH.

225 – 235: Mithril Casing

235 – 245: Hi-Explosive Bomb

This is the last AoE weapon you’ll make while leveling. Use them wisely!

245 – 250: Mithril Gyro-Shot

These are the last pieces of ammunition you’ll make during this process, but they won’t be the last you can learn! Starting at skill level 285, you’ll be able to make Thorium Shells.

250 – 260: Dense Blasting Powder

260 – 290: Thorium Widget

290 – 300: Thorium Tube

And you’re finished! Your Engineering is capped . You can now make powerful weapons like the Core Marksman Rifle or trinkets like the Ultra-Flash Shadow Reflector. Other items like the Arcane Bomb are also essential to PvP success. Keep reading to find out how to specialize in Gnomish or Goblin Engineering.

Gnomish Engineering is different from Goblin Engineering because of its focus on making small gadgets, like the Gnomish Battle Chicken. The process to acquire a Gnome Engineer Membership Card is the same for both factions, but starts in their respective capitals. Alliance players will need to take Gnome Engineering and turn it into Tinkmaster Overspark to begin their chain. Horde players must take the Horde version (Gnome Engineering) and find Oglethorpe Obnoticus to start. From there, each will ask players to take The Pledge of Secrecy and then to Show Your Work.

Taking the pledge does not require players to hand anything it, but afterwards, they must craft:

To do so, the required materials are:

These requirements are the same for both factions, and upon turning them in, players will receive their Gnome Engineer Membership Card and learn Gnomish Engineering. You can now craft devices like the Mithril Mechanical Dragonling, the Arcanite Dragonling, and the Ultrasafe Transporter: Gadgetzan.

Goblin Engineering sets itself apart through its emphasis on explosives and rockets. After picking up the initial quest from any trainer, both factions will need to find Nixx Sprocketspring in Gadgetzan to continue the chain. After taking The Pledge of Secrecy, you can begin Show Your Work, which will require:

In total, these will require:

Upon handing them in, players will receive their Goblin Engineer Membership Card and officially become a Goblin Engineer. Now, you can craft lethal bombs like The Big One and the Goblin Sapper Charge or gear with useful effects like the Goblin Rocket Boots and the Goblin Rocket Helmet.

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