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Alchemy is important to players at every level of WoW Classic. Potions, elixirs, and flasks can all be used to enhance abilities or resistances in PvE and PvP, making Alchemists an essential part of any dungeon or raiding party. Transmutation is also an important skill for creating materials of different kinds, like Arcanite Bars. All of these — Potions, elixirs, flasks, and transmuted materials — are tradable and can be sold for profit on the auction house.

Often paired with Herbalism as a gathering profession, Alchemy uses herbs and other reagents to make its products. Different types of Vials are also required, but they can be purchased at Alchemy Supplies vendors easily.

Like all professions, Alchemy scales along with a players actual level and is trained in Apprentice (1 – 75), Journeyman (75  – 150), Expert (150 – 225), and Artisan (225 – 300) stages. All major capitals offer Apprentice training, and either faction can simply ask a city guard where to find the Alchemy trainer in a specific city.

For the most streamlined leveling process, though, Horde players should stay near Undercity – where Doctor Herbert Halsey can train up to Expert – and Alliance near Darnassus – where Ainethil can do the same. Afterwards, Alliance players must head to Kylanna Windwhisper at Feathermoon Stronghold in Feralas to train up to Artisan. Members of the Horde must visit Rogvar at Stonard in the Swamp of Sorrows.

In addition to vials, players need:

1-60: Minor Healing Potion

Save these. You can train to Journeyman starting at level 50. 

60 – 75: Lesser Healing Potion

75 – 110: Lesser Healing Potion

110 – 140: Healing Potion

This might take a couple of extra tries to get the full way to 140, but it’s worth the effort. And when you hit 125, make sure to train up to Expert.

140 – 150: Lesser Mana Potion

150 – 155: Lesser Mana Potion

155 – 185: Greater Healing Potion

185 – 210: Elixir of Agility

If you are a Hunter, Rogue, or Feral Druid, this elixir is especially useful for you. Otherwise, it can be sold on the Auction House to start making profits.

210 – 215: Elixir of Greater Defense

Like the Elixir of Agility, Elixir of Greater Defense is also tradeable and sellable. When you’re done making these, you can also train up to Artisan — the final level. 

Remember! Alliance players must go to Kylanna Windwhisper in Feathermoon Stronghold and Horde must go to Rogvar in Stonard for this step. 

215 – 225: Superior Healing Potion

225 – 230: Superior Healing Potion

230 – 250: Elixir of Detect Undead

250 – 265: Elixir of Greater Agility

265 – 285: Greater Mana Potion

285 – 300: Major Healing Potion

And you’re done! Congratulations! Just like that, you’ve capped your Alchemy. You’re ready to Transmute Arcanite and reap in money on the Auction House or to prepare powerful potions and flasks like Greater Nature Protection Potion and Flask of Supreme Power for dungeons, raids, and PvP.

It’s important to know, however, that flasks can only be crafted in Alchemy Labs. There are 2: one in Scholomance (in Ras Frostwhispers’ room) and the other in Blackwing Lair (after defeating Broodlord Lashlayer). Teams will want to bring Alchemists when running these raids in order to stock up on flasks.

With Level 300 Alchemy, your skills make you an invaluable part of any party. Good luck!

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