Borderlands 3 Amara Build Melee Murder

Game: Borderlands 3
Content Type: Gaming Guides

This build prioritizes Amara’s melee skills. It turns Amara into a tank who can take tons of damage while destroying enemies up close and personal. In this build, make sure you get the Fist Over Matter action skill. This is your top priority. 

You won’t be downed easily thanks to damage reduction and healing gained from the skills used for this build. The melee buffs ensure you do heavy damage to enemies. And if you really feel like using guns, the close quarters buffs ensure your guns and elemental damage are increased (if you’re close up to them). 

Action Skill
Augment Skill
Phase Slam

Borderlands 3 Amara Skills


Mystical Assault 
Fist of the Elements 
Personal Space (3)
Anima (5)
Clarity (2)
Tempest (5)
Samsara (3)
Illuminated Fist (1)
Helping Hand(s) (5)
Wildfire (4)
Mindfulness (3)
Indiscriminate (3)
Find Your Center (1)
Catharsis (2)
Vigor (3)
Sustainment (2)
Jab Cross (4)
Fist Over Matter
Guardian Angel (1)
Blitz (1)

A shotgun, especially an elemental shotgun, is perfect for this build. You will always want to be up close with your enemies. That way you take full advantage of the buffs this build gives you. Also ensure you have an elemental grenade mod equipped. The skill Sustainment heals you based upon your elemental damage, so using an elemental grenade when low on health ensures you start healing quickly. 

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